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Dent Repair Glendale Heights IL

Dent Repair Glendale Heights IL

For dent repair in Glendale Heights, IL, the Paintless Way is the area's leading authority. We offer dent repair services while you wait! The Paintless Way's auto body shop has a clean waiting area with TVs, reading materials, coffee, and water for free. We also offer free wifi to our waiting customers. Plus, we provide courtesy lifts for individuals who need to go home or go to work while their vehicle is being repaired.

Save Money with PDR

If you have already received a quote for conventional dent repair services, you probably were left to conclude that there is no way the labor is worth the cost of repair. On top of that, it's a major burden to get conventional dent repair work done! You have to drop your car off for several days, it costs an arm and a leg, and conventional dent repair is really only a cosmetic fix. Additionally, conventional dent removal involves the use of highly toxic paint and chemicals that aren't good for the environment let alone anyone's personal health.

Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, offers a solution that is almost too good to be true - except it isn't! PDR allows dent repair to occur in a matter of hours as opposed to a matter of days. The cost of paintless dent repair might only be a couple hundred dollars opposed to a couple thousand dollars with conventional dent repair services. Plus, the dent removal is permanent with PDR as opposed to being merely a cosmetic fix with conventional dent repair.

Keep Your Paint Intact Going the Paintless Way

Still, another benefit of PDR is that it doesn't mess up your paint job. With conventional dent removal, the entire damaged panel usually needs to be removed, paint stripped, metal sanded, filled, primed, and repainted. Note that if your dent has scuffs or minor paint damage, a little touchup painting might be necessary to go with the PDR. In the end, the results will be good, and you'll feel better about yourself knowing that you saved money, time, and the environment.

Dents Happen. The Paintless Way Makes the Go Away

If you have had an accident, if hail has struck your vehicle, if your vehicle is the victim of a careless passenger or a run-away grocery cart; it's okay. Unfortunately, these things happen. However, even a small dent can significantly decrease the value of your vehicle when you seek to sell it or trade it in. Plus, dents and scuffs are unattractive cosmetically and can be downright embarrassing.

Trust Us for All of Your Dent Removal Needs

For comprehensive and affordable dent repair in Glendale Heights, IL, the Paintless Way is a local dent repair expert with Chicagoland's leading auto body technicians. More people trust us because they know we value the respect of our neighbors and we do excellent work. Our technicians utilized the industry's best tools and technology and have lots of experience to show for. Contact us today to learn more or bring your vehicle in during business hours.

Dent Repair Glendale Heights IL
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Dent Repair Glendale Heights IL